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Tauranga is in desperate need of a public transport system redesign. So, for years Harry Perry and Lucas Daum have lived in Tauranga, and have studied the bus network. Along with other cities transport systems, gathering data and information from the community by talking to bus-drivers. On the school bus and other bus services they use, they will always will stand and talk to the driver about transport and other things.


Word got around in the NZ Bus driver community of who they were and what he was capable of. One day, Harry met Josef, a consultant and Public Transport expert from Germany, who helps the community by driving buses a few days per week, on the bus. After a couple of bus rides, Josef suggested that the plan should be pitched to the Council(s) and become a school project. Harry's teacher Andrew Corney, then allowed Harry to continue, receiving marks on the project. A short presentation was then presented to the Public Transport Committee.


On this website, you will find all the information you may require on our plan, and how to share your thoughts.

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